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HOLIDAY BEEF ANGUS SALE - Limited Availability

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Grass-fed and raised at South Mountain Creamery, and available in bulk sizes.


Quarter Steer: $6.79/lb

Half Steer: $6.39/lb

Whole Steer: $5.99/lb


Pounds determined by hanging weight, $100 deposit per quarter is required.


Pick-up only at Karen's Kountry Store in Middletown.

Put in your order until October 7th, 2016 by calling: 301-371-8565 or



10 Steaks Total: Divided Amongst the Sirloin, Porterhouse, and T-Bone (or Strip Steaks and Tenderloin)

1 or 2 Chuck Steaks 

8 Cube Steaks

5lbs of Top Round: Cut as Roasts, Steaks, and/or London Broil, 1 or 2 Rolled Rump Roasts

1 Sirloin Tip Roasts

1 or 2 Arm Roasts

1 or 2 Chuck Roasts

2 Shank Soup Bones

2 Neck Soup Bones

2 - 2.5 lbs Packages of Short Ribs

Approx. 7lbs of Rib Section: May Be Cut as Rib Steaks and/or Rib Roasts

Approx. 35lbs Ground Beef in 1lb Packages



3 or 4 Chuck Roasts

2 or 3 Chuck Steaks

3 or 4 Arm Roasts

(4) 2.5 lb Packages of Short Ribs

4 Neck Bones

4 Shank Soup Bones

Approx. 15lbs of Rib Section: Can Be Cut As Rib Steaks and/or London Broil

4 or 5 lbs of Stew Beef

Approx. 20 Steaks Total: Divided Amongst the Sirloin, Porterhouse, and T-Bone Steaks (or Strip Steaks and Tenderloin)

10lbs of Top Round: Cut as Roasts and/or Steaks and/or London Broil

2 or 3 Rolled Rump Roasts

6 lbs of Sirloin Tip Cut as Roasts and/or Steaks

16 Cube Steaks

Approx. 80lbs of Ground Beef in 1 lb Packages