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South Mountain Creamery and fellow fresh from the farm delivery service, Hometown Harvest, are partnering up.

South Mountain Creamery


Did you catch us on Facebook live Wednesday, November 23rd to hear  our big news?! It was a great event and we thank everyone for joining in. 

If you missed it, here’s what’s going on. South Mountain Creamery and fellow fresh from the farm delivery service, Hometown Harvest, are partnering up. We're excited to bring you new products that you are going to love. 

This partnership is actually a family affair. Abby (Sowers) Brusco grew up on the farm (with her brother Ben) and in 2009 with her husband, Tony Brusco, started Hometown Harvest, an online farmers’ market delivery service. Hometown Harvest grew quickly, and now represents over 300 local farmers and producers, as well as their own home farm, Hometown Harvest Farm. Earlier this year, Tony and Abby opened a commercial kitchen, Hometown Harvest Kitchen, and created their own line of signature salads, soups, stocks and stews, and just recently an amazing line of slow cooker meals. They truly offer, “The farmers’ market, delivered.” 

Kate & I, as well as my parents, are delighted to be working with Abby & Tony and to be able to offer our customers a much wider array of offerings. Such as: 

Produce Bags. A wide array of seasonal, local, and organic vegetables grown by our 300 Hometown Harvest partner farms.


Hometown Harvest seasonal delivery 










→ Small (7 pieces)
→ Medium (11 pieces)
→ Large (15 pieces)
→ All fruit (7 pieces)
→ All veggie (7 pieces)

• Bags are available fixed (as-is, you get what’s in season) or Custom (start with the fixed options and swap some or all of the items.) Bags are easily customized, so if you're not a fan of beets and instead want an extra broccoli, no problem! 

• Right away you’ll notice the abundance of produce choices—new items are available every week, according to the season. Looking specifically for organic? Products are labeled with icons for easy identification. Each Friday, look for the Weekly Menu email so you’ll know What’s in the Bag? and what to do with it. 

• Don’t need a full bag? Sure. Order produce a la carte. If you just need a few items—like local apples and organic arugula—we’ve got you covered. 

• All orders are delivered in an insulated, reusable canvas bag. A deposit is charged to your account when you place your order, and is refunded back to your account when your driver picks up your bag(s), at your next delivery (just like the bottles). 

Fresh Prepared Meals. Salads from Hometown Harvest Kitchen have been a runaway success since their launch. 
→ Made with local ingredients
→ Prepared from scratch (even the dressings) using original recipes – this isn’t your boring, basic Ceasar!
→ New selections are available throughout the year, depending on the season
→ And more from Hometown Harvest Kitchen is coming, including soups, slow cooker meals, and cold salads

In addition to the awesome new products now available to SMC customers, you’ll be seeing an overall improvement in our operations, striving to make sure you get reliable, accurate deliveries always and personal customer service. 

These are exciting times. We look forward to serving you well. 

Best of health!