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1.)   Can you tell me more about South Mountain Creamery?
2.)   Are you Organic?
3.)   Do you use growth hormones?

4.)   Is your milk pasteurized?
5.)   Tell me more about the meat that you sell...
6.)   Can I visit your farm?
7.)   All of the milk is in a glass bottle, is there a bottle deposit?
8.)   Who do I contact if I have a product problem?


9.) What is the cost to have home delivery?
10.) How  often does the delivery come?
11.) What time of day should I expect my delivery?
12.) What if I am not home when the delivery comes?
13.) What if I do not want delivery this week?
14.) Are there any times that you do not deliver?
15.) How do I pay?

16.) What If I move?


17.) How do I get ice cream delivered?

 18.) Why an extra cooler?

 19.) How do I purchase a lock box?

 20) What is a temporary solution?

 21.) Can I use the lock or cardboard boxes for other products?

 22.) Is there a fee for dry ice?

 23.) How do I handle dry ice?

 24.) Can I order pints and 1.75 quarts?


25.) Do I need to set up an account?
26.) How does this work?
27.) What is a standing order?
28.) How do I make changes to my standing order?
29.) Do I need to enter my address and credit card information every time I order?

30.) Can I change my delivery address within my account profile?

1.) Can you tell me more about South Mountain Creamery? 
South Mountain Creamery started in April 2001 as an attempt to increase our farm's income from our milking cows. We had our first Open House on May 5, 2001 and soon after began our first home delivery route in Middletown. We had 13 homes we delivered to out of the back of a Ford Explorer. We quickly grew and added our first milk truck in June 2001. Over the past 10 years we have grown to servicing over 8,500 homes in MD, DC, VA, PA, and WV. We cover about 3,500 square miles. Since we started, we have added many products that are made both locally and at SMC/ We discovered many small operations that made a great product but did not have a way to bring it to the area. So, we started to add products from other farmers and other small family operations. Finally, we expanded some of our cheese offerings to include high quality premium cheese. In 2007 we began to offer fresh bread from The Breadery (Ellicott City, MD) and prepared meals from a local chef. Who knows what else the future will bring!!  
2.) Are you Organic?
No, we follow traditional farming methods which are often similar to that of organic farmers. For example, we do not give our animals growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. We give our cows free choice feeding. This means they have a feed bunk in the barn that has a mixture of corn, hays, soybeans, and minerals that they can eat from. They also have access to pastures where they can graze at will. What the cows are fed here, is grown here! We also work closely with local soil conversation groups to preserve the soil and prevent soil erosion. We have many projects that we are working on regarding green energy such as a methane digester (converting cow manure to electricity) and bio-diesel (converting soybeans to fuel)!   
3.) Do you use Growth Hormones or Antibiotics? 
Our cows receive antibiotics only when they are sick and in need of the antibiotic. In these instances, their milk is taken off the line and NOT used until they are deemed healthy again. Our cows are our family and we want them to be well! We never give our cows antibiotics as a preventative method nor do they ever receive growth hormones of any kind! 

4.) Is your milk pasteurized?

Yes! SMC milk is pasteurized, as required by Marlyand State Law! We do offer several different approaches that make our milk healthier and more delicious than competitors! We pasteurize using a HTST system which means our milk is heated to 165F for 18 seconds and then cooled. Most grocery stores pasteurize at a much higher temperature (approximately 280F). This does provide a longer shelf life, but strips the milk of its natural proteins, healthy enzymes, and flavor! Raw milk is illegal to sell in MD, so all SMC milk is pasteurized.

5.) Tell me more about the meat that you sell...
We sell beef, pork, chicken, goat, and lamb.


BEEF: Pasture raised and grass fed right here on our farm. We do not spray the fields with any pesticides but may use organic fertilizers from time to time.

PORK: Our pork is butchered from Horst's & Hoffman's of Maryland!

CHICKEN: Our chicken is provided by Locust Point Farms in Elkton, MD.. All of these carriers raise their chickens to the same standard that SMC raises its animals!

LAMB: Our lamb is provided by Wagner's Meats!

BISON: Our bison is provided by New Frontier Bison. Their meat is Certified 100% All Natural!

GOAT: Although we currently purchase our goat meat from a local farm, we are in the process of building our own stock! Goat meat is notoriously leaner and has less cholesterol & fat than lamb and beef.

BLUE RIBBON:  SMC purchases Grand Champion animals during local fairs, festivals, and auctions.These animals were raised by local students participating in 4-H.

** We never give any of our animals growth hormones or animal byproducts!**


6.) Can I visit your farm?
Yes! Our farm is always open to the public. You can see the cows being milked between 1:30-5:00 pm and see as well as help feed the baby calves at 4:00 pm. You are welcome to come out anytime (rain or shine), any day (weekdays, weekends and holidays)! Remember to bring a cooler along if you are planning to shop at our farm store! Our farm store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and Sunday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm. 

The only operation that is not open to the public is the milk plant, due to health department regulations. However, we do open the plant to the public twice a year during our festivals (April and October).
7.) All of the milk is in a glass bottle, is there a bottle deposit?  
Yes, we charge a $2.00 refundable deposit per glass bottle. We charge this when you purchase the milk so if you decide to give a bottle of milk as a gift or accidently drop and break the bottle you do not need to let us know.
Using glass is a great way to preserve the milks natural good taste, while reusing the glass bottle prevents thousands of plastic and paper cartons from entering the landfills.  

Please note: SMC will no longer accept visibly dirty milk bottles. Please remember to rinse your bottles before pickup for your weekly delivery. If you receive a Yuck sticker on your bottles, please remove the sticker, rinse bottles, and set out for your next delivery.

8.) Who do I contact if I have a product problem?  
Please contact customer service at (301)371-8565 or email us at We'll take care of any problem you may have. Please know that we can only issue refunds and exchanges within 2 weeks of the delivery day.   

9.)What is the cost to have home delivery?
We charge a $4.99 per delivery fee and a non-refundable $45 sign up fee. That pays for the driver and truck to come to you. Other then that, the cost per product is the same delivered as it is here at the farm. If we come to your house, and are unable to leave the product (no cooler or fridge access) you will still be charged the delivery fee for our attempt. Check our "save money" button on our homepage to find out how to get a reduced delivery fee!

  10.) How often does the delivery come?  
We deliver no more than once a week. You have the option to choose a recurring order deciding if you want delivery weekly, every other week (week 1 or week 2) or once per month.  
11.) What time of day should I expect my delivery?  
We deliver to homes throughout the day. Deliveries can occur as early as 12:00 am and as late as 4:00 pm (it all depends on the individual driver and you can email us for more info). Currently, we are optimizing our routes with our new route management system. Delivery times are subject to change as we are adding your friends and neighbors! Please know that routes vary EVERY week. Leave your cooler out THE NIGHT BEFORE by midnight to ensure you are delivered to!
12.) What if I am not home when the delivery comes?  
 We only deliver to coolers outside of your home or garage. You just tell us where it is! We no longer deliver to refrigerators in homes or garages due to our drivers safety.

 ** If you do not leave a cooler out, your driver will NOT leave your delivery unless you have made prior arrangements. This helps to ensure the milk doesn't freeze and burst in the wintertime nor will it spoil in the summertime. In the summer you should place ice or ice packs in the cooler to insure your product remains fresh and cold. We cannot be responsible for spoiled/frozen milk after it has been delivered.


 13.) What if I do not want delivery this week?  
After you log in, click the 'skip delivery' tab and enter a vacation date range. It is best to enter a date two days PRIOR to your delivery day. Always check your shopping cart prior to logging out to ensure it was saved correctly. Email or call customer service for assistance.
No cancellations/changes to order will be accepted after your cut-off time.
14.) Are there any times that you do not deliver?  
We do not deliver on most Holidays. We will make adjustments to our schedule so everyone will receive a delivery during the week of these holidays. You will receive plenty of advance notice regarding any changes due to a holiday. If you do not want a delivery on a holiday please follow the instructions on #12.

15.) How do I pay? 
We accept credit card (preferred)-- Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or E-Check. Please note all returned checks are charged a $35 fee. We also reserve the right to price changes at anytime without notice.

15.) What If I move?

We can help! If you are within our delivery area, we will gladly update your address and add you to a new route! Please call Customer Service at (301) 371-8565 to change your delivery address.

16.) How do I get ice cream delivered?

TWO Delivery Options:  You will need a second cooler / porch box WITH a dry ice lockbox set out or add an insulated cardboard box for a fee to your delivery.


17.) Why an extra cooler?

The extra cooler or porch box will be specifically used for the ice cream and the lock box for DRY ICE.  Dry ice will freeze and explode your milk bottles if kept in the same cooler…so we want to keep them separate.  If you only have one cooler out on your delivery day – our driver will leave your milk and regular products instead of ice cream.


18.) How do I purchase a lock box?

We will have small dry ice lock boxes available for purchase and / or $2 weekly rental.  Molded to hang over the edge of your metal porch box, these will keep the dry ice away from little ice cream eating fingers!


19.) What is a temporary solution?

An Insulated Cardboard Box  As a temporary solution for delivery, we can package your ice cream in a cardboard box, with a Styrofoam insert and the dry ice pack.  We will charge $6.50 per delivery to customers choosing this option.  Ultimately, we do not want to continue with this option – as it is very costly on both sides.  But please know that this is an option until everyone can transition to a lock box or freezer access.


20.) Can I use the lock or cardboard boxes for other products?

NO. See question 16!


21.) Is there a fee for dry ice?

Yes. We will charge a fee of $3.00 per delivery of dry ice. 


22.) How do you handle dry ice?

You DON’T!  Dry ice can be VERY dangerous if handled incorrectly.  Our supplier will provide us with dry ice pellets placed inside of sealed plastic pouches.  Our drivers will use protective gloves to place the dry ice pellet bag into your lock box.  Leave the pouch in the lock box for the driver to remove at your next delivery. 


23.) Can I order pints and 1.75 quarts?

Both our pint and 1.75 quart sizes are available!

24.) Do I need to set up an account?  
Yes, if you would like to receive our home delivery service please create an account online. SMC charges a non-refundable sign up fee of $45 upon customer registration ($5 for processing, $40 as credit on your account). If we are not able to deliver to your home, SMC will refund the entire sign-up fee. Once the account is approved you will receive our confirmation e-mail to and a phone call that will include the day of your first delivery and tips for the most successful delivery possible. Please be sure to give correct email address and phone number.
25.) How does this work?  
If you are interested in joining our home delivering service the process is very basic.



Step #1: Create an online account. SMC charges a non-refundable sign up fee of $45 upon customer registration ($5 for processing, $40 as credit on your account).

Step #2: We will process your information and setup your customer profile. During peak times this can take four weeks or you may be placed on a waiting list.

Step #3: We will confirm that you will fall in to a delivery route. You will receive a call from our route specialist. Then a confirmation e-mail listing your delivery day, start date, and any other important information will be sent to you as soon as we have you assigned.

Step #4: Your driver arrives with our delicious products at your door!


       Cutoff Times for placing orders:

No Monday deliveries

Tuesday delivery day - - - Sunday by 11:59pm

Wednesday delivery day - - - Monday by 11:59pm

Thursday delivery day - - - Tuesday by 11:59pm

Friday delivery day - - - Wednesday by 11:59pm




 26.) What is a recurring order?   
A recurring order includes the products that you would like us to deliver every week, every other week (week 1 or week 2), or even once a month. You can make changes to the recurring order as often as you like, the advantage to having a recurring order is that if you forget to place an order, your essentials will arrive as scheduled anyway.  
We recommend having a recurring order but it is not required.   
27.) How do I make changes to my recurring order?  
You can add and subtract products from your order in the recurring items screen as long as it is before your cut off time. After you have selected an item, you can have the choice to select the item to come only once, every week, every other week (a.k.a. Week 1 or Week 2), or once per month. Please check the shopping cart screen prior to logging out to ensure your order is correct.  
28.) Do I need to enter my address and credit card information everytime I order?  
No, once entered for the first time your information will be encrypted and saved. You can update your credit card information and billing address whenever you like. If your credit card is declined, you will automatically receive and email saying so. You can update this yourself under "Account Options" or give us a call and we will do it for you as well.


 29.) Can I change my delivery address within my account profile?

No, in order to change your delivery address, you must email customer service at We will need your old address, new address and the date that it will need to take effect. Please, if at all possible give about a 2 week advanced notice.This way the route can be rearranged or you can be switched to a different route. You can also call customer service at (301) 371-8565 or (877) COW-2YOU to have the appropriate changes entered.    




If you have any questions not covered, please e-mail us at