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SMC Farmers Weather Blizzard 2016

What did you do during the blizzard of 2016? While most people holed up inside a warm house, South Mountain Creamery farmers logged over 300 hours clearing 9 miles of roads and pathways so they...

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Eat, Sleep, and Farm - From the Hands of Ben Sowers

Covering Up--Why Cover Crops are Vital   As SMC farms finishes taking off crops that were planted in the spring and harvested in the fall, like corn and soybeans, we plant cover crops. These include...

Tags: a day in the life, farming

Ya Herd? A Day In the Life of our Herd Manager

*Written December 3, 2015* In addition to [these] photos that I sent you this morning I figured I would also send you a little synopsis of the heifers in the picture.   The heifers photographed are...

Tags: farming, a day in the life

Chopping Season

*Written September 16, 2015*   It’s the middle of chopping season, and we’re SO excited. Chopping season is like Christmas pt. 2 for us around here. It means that harvest has arrived, which equals...

Tags: farming, a day in the life