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SMC Farmers Weather Blizzard 2016

What did you do during the blizzard of 2016? While most people holed up inside a warm house, South Mountain Creamery farmers logged over 300 hours clearing 9 miles of roads and pathways so they...

Tags: a day in the life, farming, dairy farm, milking, products

December Days

*Written December 3, 2015*   We've returned! Many changes are occurring here at SMC and as always, it's a team effort to work on them. We can't believe the year will soon be coming to a close, and...

Tags: dairy farm, production, milking, a day in the life

Rainy Days

*Written September 30, 2015* Rain, rain, rain. While the popular idea for a rainy day is to maybe stay inside, strip off wet shoes, curl up with some tea, a book, Netflix, or a board game, today is...

Tags: dairy farm, cow

Chopping Season Pt.2

*Written September 23, 2015* Chopping season is continuing to happen. This is the most crops we’ve had to date, and next year we will have even more. Since the weather has cooled off a bit, it’s...

Tags: dairy farm, production, milking, a day in the life