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All Natural vs. Organic

According to the USDA, organic means that food producers “are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances.” Unfortunately, clever marketing and labeling techniques may lead consumers to believe some products are organic when, in fact, they are only made with some organic ingredients.

SMC Farm's farming methods are very similar to that of organic farms; however, we are an all-natural farm that uses sustainable and responsible farming practices. We responsibly care for our animals and are committed to taking care of our land. We do this several ways:

  • We NEVER use ANY growth hormones.
  • We allow our animals to roam free and enjoy plenty of fresh air.
  • Our cows have free-choice feeding: they either graze in our luscious grass fields, or eat a healthy mix of non-GMO crops, which we plant and harvest ourselves.
  • We only use antibiotics when medically necessary. The cow is removed from the milk line and does not return until it’s healthy.
  • We use cover crops to keep our soil healthy and full of nutrients.
  • We inject our manure in order to prevent run-off of nutrients.
  • We practice sustainability in many of our farming and production efforts.

The Royal Treatment

We truly care for the animals we raise … in addition to the above, our cows are regularly pampered; they get "pedicures" and have "luxury" accommodations. Not too shabby! Our cows receive:

  • Brushings to massage, clean their skin, and stimulate blood flow.
  • Comfy barns with beds of soft tire and country music playing in the background.

What else do we do?

In addition to keeping our cows healthy and happy, and preserving our land, we ensure that our pork, chicken, lamb, and goat suppliers use the same natural standards as South Mountain Creamery.

Our goal of being totally green is a big one, but will allow us to use manure, solar, and wind for electricity, use energy from the ground to create heat, and use soybean byproduct for biodiesel. At SMC, we take our work seriously and have fun doing it! Please contact us if you have any questions about our certified humane practices or plans for sustainability.